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Start A Business Mentoring Girls:

By: Rainie Howard, MA -Founder and CEO or Sisters of Hope, Inc

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 1.    First you need a name, mission and vision:

Starting a non profit organization isn’t easy. Especially one that mentors youth. You need to be a mentor. Before you do anything, you need a business name, mission and vision. This is the foundation of starting any type of business. When deciding on a name for your business, start brainstorming ideas. Write down names that may come to mind. Start by considering the reasons you desire to start a nonprofit organization. Are you very passionate about the youth? Do you want to be a mentor? Also what is your vision? When you think about starting a nonprofit, what do you envision? What do you see happening? What are the results you are hoping to occur because of your organization? Starting a non profit organization won’t be as difficult any more. Once you have spent valuable time answering those questions you will began to come up with ideas of your name and even content for your mission and vision statement.

2.    Set a day once a month to host a workshop, topic discussion or some type of activity to bring youth together for mentoring:

Decide what would be a convenient day for you and a volunteer (who desires to be a mentor) to host an activity or event to mentor youth. Mentoring programs can be very beneficial if well planned. Maybe it’s the third Saturday for each month. When we started Sisters of Hope we choose the second Friday of each month. Our focus was mentoring girls between ages 11-14 and Friday evenings were good for scheduling that age group to meet and it was also very convenient for us to commit to one Friday evening a month. Think about your potential clients and think about what works best for your schedule when starting your non profit organization.

3.    Find a convenient location to meet with youth.

There are several locations to host your mentoring program. Most libraries have free meeting rooms for community groups and nonprofit organizations. You may even reserve space at a school, church or community center. When we started Sisters of Hope our mentoring sessions took place at our local YMCA. Contact the facility in advance to schedule and reserve a meeting room on the date you plan to have your meeting. Being a mentor is so fulfilling and life changing you’ll be glad you committed!

4.    Start telling all your family, friends and co-workers.

When starting a non profit organization, the people who support you and are the ones who are closest to you, they should be the first individuals who know about your business and you being a mentor. When you tell your friends and family they will tell the people they know that you don’t know and your business will grow organically. Word of mouth is the best marketing tools when starting your business. When we started we told our mom, sisters, and friends. They told their friends and co-workers and word spread quickly. Less than one month at our very first meeting we had the privilege of mentoring eleven girls. It would have been great to have three girls and when eleven attended the event that made it even better.

5.    Order your marketing material to spread the word.

Another great and low cost marketing tool is creating flyers and business cards to spread the word. This is an even greater way of getting others to find out about your organization and even join your organization by becoming a mentor. Your marketing material should reflect your business brand. Your name, logo, programs and contact information should be listed on the advertisement.

6.    Make a commitment to consistently offer programming monthly.

It’s vital that you are consistent and your programs are reliable. As a leader starting a non profit organization, it will be your responsibility to display commitment and sustainability. When you first start your business, there will be individuals who will not utilize your services because you are new. If you have long-term commitment your business will grow and those people who were skeptical in those beginning years will follow you and even support your services.


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  • Incorporating & applying for 501(c)3
  • Avoid the #1 mistake most people make
  • Create your programs & services
  • 5 Steps to a Successful Business
  • Make a strategic plan for your business
  • How to Launch your Business

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  • Development of Products
  • Professional Speaking
  • Mentoring & coaching leaders
  • Merging & partnering
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As a founder and the chief executive officer of Sisters of Hope it gives me great pleasure to support other women entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and start a business that will change lives. Since day one my vision has been to help women and girls all over the world. However, I understand that I am only one woman and it would take millions of women leaders to help change the lives of girls all over the world. Starting a mentoring program for girls isn’t easy. Therefore, I’m teaming up with YOU! I know that together we can make a special world your every girl! I’ve formulated years of business building, branding and marketing strategies into easy to follow training strategies designed to short cut your learning experience and deliver results. I’m teaching you what I’ve learned over the pass years. The Social Enterprise programs and products include easy to do steps and strategies to help you start the business you envision and impact lives you were meant to reach! Let’s get started!

Rainie Howard, MA